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Finally, a solution for Podcast Editors and Writers...
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Solving Your Biggest Podcast Editing Pain Point?

We get it... we have been editing podcast episodes and writing show notes for a number of clients.  Not only was it difficult for us to collect all the necessary information from the client in a timely manner, but explaining the process to them was super challenging.  After all, the reason our clients hire us is so they either save time or don't have to worry about the tech, right? 

We didn't get into this business to manage the process.  We got into this business because we love the art of editing and writing.  

We know you can feel our pain - yes, we've been there and understand what you are going through.  This is why we decided to create this awesome podcast production software solution.



Client Records Their Episode

Many of your clients hired you so you can make their show sound awesome and save them time.

Client Uploads Audio File

Client uploads their audio and any additional elements they want included in their episode.

You've Fixed the Problem

Once we receive your episodes, notes, and artwork, the software takes care of the rest.

Automatic Notifications

Castrly knows when to send approval notifications without you having to send emails.

Learn more about Castrly by listening to our interview with host, Mathew Passy, on this episode of the Pod to Pod podcast:

Approve Your Episodes Anytime on Any Device

Whether your clients are at the grocery store or at their office, they can approve your audio edits and/or show notes on the fly.  Castrly's proprietary notification system will alert your clients when episodes are ready for their approval.  You will also receive a notification when a new file is ready for you to work on.

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What Do Other Podcast Producer's Think Of Castrly?

Kevin Rizer Podcast Host

Host - Private Label Podcast

We have a successful show and need our episodes to be perfect and delivered on time to our valued listeners. We've been working with a podcast producer for quite some time and although we've enjoyed the experience, it's been difficult to learn the system and it's quite time consuming. With Castrly, everything is submitted to one place and it's much easier to track the progress of our production. Thanks, Castrly.

Hani Mourra Software Developer

Creator of Repurpose.io

When I used to produce podcasts for clients, the absolute biggest frustration for me (and my clients) was the constant back and forth of emails. Castrly brilliantly solves this problem with a simple to use interface for sending files, approving edits, and monitoring the status of each episode, and more. I MUST HAVE tool for all podcast agencies.

Mathew Passy Owner

The Podcast Consultant

Castrly is the exact system I need to help me manage my podcast production. This is such a new industry and finding the right tools to manage my business was impossible until this software came along. The team there knows exactly what I need to streamline podcast production between me and my clients, and delivered it perfectly. - Mathew Passy, Podcast Producer and Consultant at ThePodcastConsultant.com


  • Online Approval System: Get instant approvals from your client
  • Automatic Email Notifications: Receive email notifications when your work is complete
  • Team Management System: Setup, manage, view, and, operate teams
    Administrative project management window: Oversee all projects on a single screen
  • Streamline Your Workflow Process: You don’t have to use multiple services to create a single show (no more google docs, dropbox, basecamp, trello, etc.)

  • Custom Payment Packages: Create your pricing packages, holiday specials, or special event pricing
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy for users to navigate the site with simple step-by-step processes
  • Custom Color and Logo Placement: Select your company colors and your logo so your clients maintain trust through brand consistency
  • Mobile Responsive: Your clients can get updates and communicate with your team no matter where they are with an internet connection

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